A new surf film by CASEY KINDRED.

This fast paced adventure movie shot mostly in San Diego, California features SURFING, SKATEBOARDING and a return of the MONKEY.  It was inspired by the events of 9/11/2001.  The Film Premiered Wednesday December 4, 2002 at the BLIND MELONS in San Diego.

Control the Airspace

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This is Casey from iLLRePuTePRoDuCTioNS, I wanted to let everyone know what the hell was going on. Well, we now have a DVD, thats right, "the future is now!!" Control the Airspace, the new vid for 2002, was put onto dvd, and as a bonus I stuck the Monkey vid on there as well.

Control the Airspace is a continuation of the Monkey in a way. Although we made two other vids in between, (Pelican Style and Roll the Dice) and they all have that surf skate music theme going on, Airspace gets back to the spirit of just being plain stoopid.

A guy dressed up in a gorilla suit skateboarding is just such a dumb idea for a movie that you have to laugh, if you disagree you might as well stop reading this and get back to your science fiction or romance novel or whatever you are into. We like stoopid stuff. We like to laugh. When I decide what needs to be in a video, I try to to put things that you might watch and laugh at once twice or maybe every time you see it. Or maybe youll see it 20 times and finally youll say "thats so stoopid" and youll have to laugh.

After filming, editing, and watching The Monkey nearly a billion times, it had lost a little of its original silliness, and truth is the idea should have been laid to rest, and it was for two vids, and two sort of serious years. Then comes sept 11 2001, and we all had to pause for at least a moment. Wake up call, I knew I had to make something, something that would show how i was feeling. But what better medicine than laughter. So bring back the monkey. This time he and his pals dont just skate around causing ruckus, well yeah they pretty much do, but there is also a bit of a story. See now the Monkey is an internmational super star(because he had his own movie of course). Cruising down the boardwalk he scopes a pretty young girl,,./,;.... soon she will be his! But she isn't only his, every time the monkey comes home he finds his little chickady in bed with one of his buddies, this makes him very upset and he chases the guy out, only to crash on his skateboard, forget about the affair and proceed to pick another flower to deliver to his little lady.

Mix this sort of nonsense with footage of some of the best surfers and skaters from southern california and you have a new genre of movie especiallly made for the low attention span, accion sports enthusiast, couch surfing whore that we all aspire to be.