The Monkey, a 30 minute promo video for Kryptonics skateboards made by iLLRePuTePRoDuCTioNS in 2000-2001, has surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and a lot of random stunts.   The cover was drawn by Alex Lanau.

Starring: Darryl Freeman, John Dread, Blue Milo, Phil Goorich, Dane van Bommel, Biker Sherlock, Joe DeGennaro, Jimmy Rao, and many more.

Includes surfing from San Diego, Ecuador, Hawai.  Skateboarding in San Diego and Hawaii with the 420 race and the Campo race.

Music by Ozomatli, Slightly Stoopid, Girls on Drugs, Common Sense, Mano Negra, Finley Quaye, English Beat

Filmed and edited by Casey Kindred

The video starts with 30 seconds of black and just the sound of a female dj describing "the first time she ever heard the music,"   This opening music track is from Girls on Drugs, an LA band.  The opening shots are highlites of what is to come, including an unknown stuntman, possibly Darryl Freeman, climbing up the side of the Surfer Motor Lodge.  OK, now I will admit it, I missed the money shot,  as I was fumbling with my camera,SPLASH!!! Darryl jumped from the roof(6 stories) into the shallow pool.  If you want to see him jump, you'll have to check out Pelican Style, and surfer motor lodge 2.  

After the intro we see Richard Nixon banging on someones door yelling "wheres Johnny and the Dregs?"  Right about now you should start to realize this movie is unlike any other you may have seen.  A gorilla and a lion chase Nixon down a hill on long skateboards and at the bottom they beat the crap out of him.  Then they proceed through the beach town of pacific beach(san diego), picking up sandwiches and making friends with the little people.   Some of the shops may have kicked us out for skateboarding through their store in funny costumes  but props to EZ Jays Sandwiches for the deal on our lunch.  Somewhere along the line the monkey traded his skate for a bike and headed down to the travel agent to buy a ticket to ecuador.  Skating downhills just makes you want to surf.

Chapter two is ecuador.  Blue Milo and Phil Goodrich score epic uncrowded waves for a month in the warm water of ecuador.  The trip started in Peru, but Phil told us about ecuador, and so we jumped on a bus,30 hours, and we were in ecuador.  The first shot in this section is of a pelican riding along just in front of a nice peeling wave.  That was the start of Pelican Style, which would be the movie after The Monkey.   The very next shot is of Phil an Blue walking out to surf one morning.  It is one of my favorite shots, Blue has a Reggie Miller basketball jersey on over his rashguard, which I thought was cool, but all the people walking out with them were coming out of a club.  We woke up to surf and they were still partying.  That turned out to be one of the best days, and we had it all morinig while everyone else slept off their hangovers. 

The next chapter is a roller coaster of all the board sports.  There is more surfing from Blue, this is at home in mission beach.  Also there is skating by John Dread and Dane van Bommel.  The roller coaster is las vegas, state line.

In 1997 Darryl Freeman started an outlaw skateboard race that would eventually take on a life of its own.  The race takes place on oahu, hawaii,  on a 4 mile road with 21 hairpins.  It takes place every april 20th at 4;20 pm.  Its called the 420 Race, and Darryl wins every time.  Well it seems the police caught on, and that is why you see cops chasing skateboarders down the hill.

Next we move back to San Diego for a sanctioned skateboard race.  The Campo race was put on by EDI and featured downhil skateboarding, street luge, and gravity bikes.  The late great Gary Hardwick won the skateboarding event and Biker Sherlock won the street luge.  The nasty crash that took place involved Manu Antuna, Rat Sult, and Todd Lehr.  The racer who weaved his way through the carnage is Jimmy Flindt. Winning that race qualofied Jimmy for the Gavity Games.

The next chapter is a collage of surfing and skating set to the music of Slightly Stoopid.  The action is mostly San Diego, including Jimmy Rao taking a run through the newly built ob skatepark.

The last section is Darryl Freeman in Berkley.  Darryl is the master of slides and what better place to watch him ride.

This film premiered on the beach in Mission Beach, San Diego.  A reggae band played and then we showed the movie on a 35 ft screen we built that day.  As the movie ended, we set the screen on fire and local stuntman Wacki Zawaki busted throuh the flames and thanked everyone for coming.  

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